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Artonomist™ is on a mission to revolutionize the way Creatives navigate the artistic landscape.
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Stage: Pre-Seed
Industry: Technology - Arts & Entertainment
Number of Employees: 3
Market Size: $100B+
Investment Opportunity: 50K
Use of Funds:
Building Out Mobile MVP, Testing Further Market Validation, & Pivoting Product Development

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No effective outlets that provide impactful networking & collaboration opportunities for Creatives (75% of Creatives are not satisfied with their ability to connect with other Creatives)

Lack of access to tools around Creative career development, funding, analytics, & project management because of inaccessibility or outdated gatekeeping

Dissatisfaction or lack of membership to artistic unions & their resources (70% of Creatives are not a part of any artist union. Of Creatives in unions, 65% are dissatisfied with their union or have no other options & therefore are neutral about what their union provides in the form of networking & collaboration)


A LinkedIn-meets-Bumble type web/mobile platform, specifically designed for Creatives, that allows them to:

Discover like-minded Creatives through shared mutual interests
Foster meaningful & long-lasting, career-defining relationships
Access & Share community-specific resources & information


50 Million Creatives and a Creator Economy of over $100 Billion are current estimates from Forbes Magazine (Forbes, 2021).

At least 5 million workers (including at least 2.5 million artists) employed in arts and cultural industries in the US alone (National Endowment of the Arts, 2019).

• Artonomist seeks to connect and engage these communities (with a focus on multi-disciplinary Creatives - an estimated 80% of Creatives we surveyed) through social media marketing, organizational partnerships/piloting and referrals.

Total Addressable Market: 50 Million
Serviceable Available Market: 2.5 Million
• Serviceable Obtainable Market: 2 Million (80% of SAM)

Revenue Model

Individual Subscriptions - Freemium Model

         300,000 (15% of SOM) x $5.99/mo. avg. sub. =
         143M Est. Annual Rev. (2024)

• Additionally: B2B SaaS - College Arts Programs (over 300 in the US), performance studios, local arts clubs, etc. with customization capabilities at the highest tier

Competitive Advantage

Profiles designed to accurately & effectively represent multi-faceted Creatives
Prompts that help cultivate meaningful conversations with new connections
Resource Hubs for finding and sharing information about & around art
Ask & Referral Spaces designated to efficiently resolve Creative needs
Accessible design that is inclusive of all types of Creatives
Creative & Community-Centered Culture meant to support individual Creatives