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“I'm intrigued by the thoughtfulness of the prompts and the different ways users can contribute ideas, questions, and/or calls to action to the community at large. It feels like this could be an excellent starting point for some really interesting, unexpected connections.”

Lloyd M.

“Overall, I am so impressed and want to onboard NOW! Honestly, not only does it address many of the concerns I have about traditional networking sites, it also clearly comes from a place of compassion that I am EAGER to get started. Other platforms, it feels like a chore to discuss who you are and what you do. This feels truly rooted in community.”

Meagan M.

I think it's kind of brilliant how this feels like a dating app for creatives. Because the brain associates it with that model, it helps to alleviate the daunting feeling because we live in an age where online dating has become so normalized and the idea of reaching out to people in that format, while there is an element of nerves to it, still feels less daunting.

Sierra N.

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