About Artonomist™

Mission Preamble

How we got here
Martavius Parrish, CEO/Founder

“I grew up in a small town in South Georgia where there was no Broadway. I found the arts by accident. Or rather, the arts found me. I learned in my early artistry that access and knowledge (more than money, or even talent) were far more essential currencies to the viability of Creatives in their professional career. This is especially true for Creatives belonging to groups historically targeted by oppression. So I designed an app to give talented Creatives access to one another which allows them to build their own careers from the ground up, without relying on gatekeepers. This, in turn, helps them to more efficiently bring their art straight to their communities.”

Mission Statement

Why we do what we do

‍Artonomist makes the creative journey more accessible to all who want to pursue it through technologically-based solutions and resources.

Previously, universal access to a feasible creative lifestyle has been barred by gatekeepers relating to identity, finances, resources, and mentorship, leaving aspiring Creatives (particularly in communities historically targeted by oppression) with few-to-no ways of manifesting ideas and aspirations.

Artonomist is a one stop shop, housing resources around community-centered forums, social networking, goal setting, career mapping, and funding. This allows Creatives to crowd share industry-specific knowledge and develop a clear trajectory towards a thriving artistic career.

Artonomist seeks to fulfill its mission statement by:

Encouraging the mindset of achievable artistic fulfillment and advancement through collaboration and authentic relationship development
Providing platforms, resources and systems for Creatives to develop their skills and more efficiently actualize artistic goals, opportunities, and projects
Introducing and partnering with related resources and organizations for holistic solutions around the challenges of being a Creative
Modeling systems for equity among historically excluded communities (including race, gender, accessibility, age, and socio-economic status) within the Creative industry

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